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Skymaster ARF Plus Pro Kits

You're here!! You have reached the largest selection of scale RC Jets on the market today. Skymaster ARF Plus Pro kits are some of the best and most detailed scale models available and with our large selection of aircraft there is no need to settle for anything Less.


Great News!!! SkymasterUSA now offers complete Plug an Play jets from the factory. you pick your jet and will quote the PNP option for you. Please contact us directly for quotations


Skymaster USA only requires a 30% non refundable deposit for kits not in stock. Please select the items you want, add to cart, get your total cost. If the items are in stock, you can buy it now. If not, please contact us directly and we will process your order and collect your deposit.

NOTE: Upgrade/Combo pricing is for complete kit package only, not for separate purchase. Actual shipping charges will be applied to final invoice when the kit is ready to ship. If you wish to order individual items, please call as there will be added shipping charges that will apply. Multiple shipping methods are available from the CA warehouse to your door.