Skymaster 1 :4.5 Scale F-80 ARF Plus Pro

Skymaster ARF Plus Pro


Skymaster 1 :4.5 scale F-80 ARF Specs:

Length: 87" Wingspan: 98"  (WING TANK TYPE) Fletcher, Misawa or Lockheed 

 Power: 28-38Lbs thrust 

Dry weight: 35-38lbs

Radio: min. 8-11 Servos required

 NOTE: Special combo prices on L/G, Cockpits, Speed brakes and other accessories are for complete package at the time of purchase only
The Skymaster 1 :4.5 Scale F-80 is a great flying scale jet. Its large wing design makes it very stable and enjoyable to fly. This jet is defiantly a crowd pleaser at scale jet events and the local field. Its also a great choice for that fist scale jet to add to your hangar as it has all the scale features desired. We recommend the KingTech 160-180 for power.  
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