PRCJ Team Pilots and Reps

Pacific RC Jets takes pride in supporting our youth. Our rising youth are the future of this great hobby. We have new sponsored pilots that have been flying RC from a very young age and we are thrilled to support them in their journey.

Our fully sponsored (Young Gun Pilots) fly a large variety of models from our PCRJ product line, ranging from Sport to Scale jets. There isn't anything in our product line, or available on the market today, that these Young Guns can't fly.  From electric, gas, turbines and helicopters, our pilots are very knowledgeable in the hobby. They are available and willing to help others with radio setups, programming and advice.   

In addition, we have a network of PRCJ Reps. Our Reps support at the field and events that they attend and have great familiarity of the RC Jet world.

We also support the families behind these young pilots; without their support this partnership would not be possible. 



PRCJ Team Pilot, Kyler (L'il Dude) From UTAH

At 13 years old Kyler has accumulated an impressive 8 years of flying experience under his belt. Kyler has had his turbine waiver since 10. He enjoys flying scale turbine jets, sport jets and a large fleet of foam turbine and electric jets. Inspired by his father, Kyler aspires to join the USAF, following either the path of a maintainer or a pilot. When he's not soaring through the skies, Kyler enjoys a variety of hobbies including playing flight simulators, aircraft spotting, and off-roading in his family's Jeep.

Kyler with his T-One Models T-45 Goshawk

PRCJ Team Pilot, Maddox (Mavric) From Georgia

At 14 years old Maddox has accumulated an impressive 10 years of flying. He has had his waiver since he was 12 years old. Maddox enjoys flying pretty much anything. He likes to fly turbine jets (sport and scale), prop aircraft, and sport and scale helicopters. Inspired by his Uncle Dave, he has been in this hobby most of his life and enjoys building and fixing models in the shop with his uncle. When he is not flying and building, he is enjoying the outdoors with his dad and family. 

Maddox with the Bandit Models Outlaw

PRCJ Team Pilot, Shane (Grape) From Nevada

At 13 years old Shane has accumulated an impressive 9 years of flying. He started to fly turbine jets when he was 9. Shane received his fixed turbine wavier at 10 and mostly enjoys flying jets now. The F-22 is his favorite! Shane likes to fly scale prop planes as well. He has a 50cc Japanese Zero that he enjoys flying at scale events. He enjoys working on all his airplanes and strives to make them fly better and look more to scale. With the help of his dad, he has done minor scale details to the A6m Zero. He did all the weathering detail work on his MB339 and that helped him learn about weathering. 

Shane with his T-One Models Razor

PRCJ Team Pilot, Collin From Connecticut

At 15 years old Colllin has accumulated an impressive 6 years of flying. Collin has had his turbine waiver for 2 years now. He enjoys flying sport jets and also 3D aircraft. His goals are to be either a pilot for the US military, or an airline pilot!  Collins has said, "The main reason this was all made possible was because of my parents. Without their support, I simply would not be able to be where I am today."

Collin with his T-One Models Razor


Our Reps are very important to us! They help provide support at the field and events that they attend and have great expertise of the RC Jet world and our product. If you spot a Rep at your local field be sure to say Hello and if you need a hand, they are eager to help!

David F. (Georgia)

Jason S. (Nevada)

Jeremy S. (Utah)

Tone H. (Maryland)

And then there's myself: Jeff, Team Manager. I've been in this hobby pretty much all my life. I started flying with my dad at 4 years old. I've flown pretty much everything the hobby has to offer from Ducted Fan, Glow, Gas, Electric, Hydrogen powered, Rocket powered, Helicopters and Turbine aircraft. I earned my Turbine Waiver in 2006 and my CD status shortly after. Just like our Young Gun Pilots, Family (primarily my DAD) was my inspiration. This hobby ultimately pushed me to my career in Aerospace Engineering.