PRCJ Soft Stands and Riser Blocks

Pacific RC Jets


Soft Stand- For Building, Transport and Assembly

PLEASE NOTE: These soft stands ship in two different boxes, you may receive one box before the other.


Provides stable support for jets on bench, worktable or transport
Non-slip surface- holds jets from sliding while building or transporting
Soft enough to not scratch fine finishes
Standard soft foam contour pads fit most jet profiles (supplied U shape)
Customizable- trim the foam for a more exact profile (using a serrated kitchen or electric knife)
Adjustable footprint- extend the foam pads along the rails to fit almost any size build, transport or assembly need
Light weight and easy to handle- less than 3 lbs.
Grips well- reposition your build so the top of the fuse is angled towards you for easy access
Aligning the rear pad under the wing will stabilize the plane when only one wing panel has been installed
Flip the stand over to provide additional height. On many models this will allow an inverted jet to clear the turtle deck
Smaller models will have enough clearance for full gear swing.
Optional “6” risers” fit underneath stand allowing gear swing on larger jets
Easy disassembly for storage or transport
Fuel, alcohol and glue resistant
Optional “blank” foam blocks allow the builder to customize each pad for an exact fit (with electric knife or serrated kitchen knife).


T3- (2) 6” x 8” x 18” foam pads, 2 poles are 48” long. Front and back pads have gentle “U” curve
T1- (2) 4” x 8” x 18” foam pads, 2 poles are 36” long. Front and back pads have gentle “U” curve


6” x 6” riser blocks (pr) to fit under the stand and provide additional clearance for larger jet gear swing
4” x 8” x 18” Blank Pads (pr) if you want to cut your own
6” x 8” x 18” Blank Pads (pr) if you want to cut your own


Set jet right side up for building, storing or transporting
Roll jet 45 degrees towards you for easy access into fuse for building
Flip jet upside down for easy access to bottom
Flip stand over to gain additional height
Add option riser blocks to clear gear swing or turtle deck (if inverted)


Push 2 poles through 1” holes in each of the foam pads
Adjust length so the front pad is directly under a former and rear pad is either under a former or under the wing