PRCJ Advanced CG Stand

Pacific RC Jets


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With our model aircraft rapidly evolving and getting larger, we at PRCJ felt that it was time for a proper and safer CG stand to be built.

Introducing the PRCJ Advanced CG stand!


The team at Pacific RC Jets wanted to keep the stand simple, but ridged and easy to use, for all types and sizes of aircraft. This is a very sturdy CG stand so there will be no worries about your models collapsing it. The stand is a sturdy aluminum construction and includes a removable Anti-Tilt locking feature to keep your model from tilting and sliding off the pivot rails while setting your CG location. The best part is the lasers. Yes! Adjustable position lasers create a clear CG location line on the bottom of your models. This makes the CG process super easy and increases your accuracy; no more eyeballing.  


  • Powder Coated 3/4 light weight aluminum construction "Not Flimsy" (Holds planes up to 100+Lbs)
  • Designed and adjustable to handle both small and large aircraft with large hanging gear, props and jets
  • Stand height 23-1/4  and adjustable width from 17-1/4 to 30" 
  • (Red) Adjustable line lasers for accurate and easy setup (Batteries Included)
  • Removable Anti-tilt pivot lock
  • Non-skid rubber shoes on pivot rails
  • Includes all hardware
  • Proudly designed and hand made in the USA