Xicoy LGC-19 Professional Electronic Gear Controller

Pacific RC Jets


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Controller for electric landing gear, brakes and door 12A

  • Direct control of 3 gear motors in bidirectional mode up to 13V / 12 Ampere each. Supports three different methods of motor shut-off (time, amperage  and pulse counter-encoder).
  • Independent control of electric brakes, full proportional, lineal and adjustable pulsed mode.
  • Differential brake mode, to steer the model using the brakes.
  • Steering servo processor. Gain, sense and center can be adjusted. The steering servo is centered during retraction.
  • Internal Gyro. It can be mixed with the steering servo output and with the differential brakes.
  • 8 servo outputs for the control of the doors, each channel has an independent re-setable fuse, which prevents a complete shutdown of the servos if there’s an overload in one of them. The endpoints of each servo can be programmed individually. The servo speed can be programmed independent in the two directions in 0,1s resolution.
  • Internal voltage regulator of 6V /12 Amper to supply the servos from the landing gear battery, to isolate the power to the servo doors from the power of flight control servos.
  • 10 step sequencer. The position of the gears and the position of the 8 doors can be defined independent in each step. Step duration programmable in 0,1s steps.

Wide choice of RC inputs. Single RC channel, Dual RC channel, Futaba SBUS, UDI/MPX/JR Mode B Bus, SRXL Bus, JR Mode A Bus, JETI EX Bus, Power Box P2Bus.

The programming of the unit is done through a separated color touchscreen. The touchscreen can be removed from after programming.

uSD memory card slot to save the settings and upgrade the software.
Advanced current cutoff control, current multiplier from start up and current multiplier time.
CNC machined aluminium box

User's manual

CAUTIONYou should program the parameters for the specific landing gear that you are going to use. A bad use/configuration may lead to burn the motors if overpowered. Ask the manufacturer of your gear for the maximum voltage and amperage allowed. Xicoy will not provide any kind of motor data information.