T-One Models 1/8.5 F-16

Pacific RC Jets



T-One Models all composite F-16 is designed around the smaller K-60 to K-85 Turbine engines. It is very detailed with rivets, panel lines and raised features. The T-One F-16 also comes with all electric scale operating landing gear and brakes using the Xicoy LG-15 E-Gear Controller/Sequencer with Steering Gyro. The F-16 has plug in direct drive ailerons and removable tail. Surfaces are pre-hinged with Robart style pin hinges. 

We also offer this jet in a PNP, Plug and Play version upgrade for only $900.00 extra. See details below.

Wing/body bag set available in drop down menu. Must be ordered at time of kit order or extra shipping charges will apply.

Length 71.65 / Wingspan 46.85  (14.3 lbs Dry)

Power K-60-K-85 Max

Kit includes:

  • Air frame
  • Electric gear set and brakes 
  • Kevlar fuel tanks 1.8L / 60.8oz
  • Hardware
  • Pipe
  • Half cockpit tub

Upgrade Options:

  • Installed lighting kit $190.00
  • Installed gear/doors and 3 servos $160.00
  • Wing tip missile set painted $65.00
  • Under-wing missiles with pylons painted $95.00  

PNP Version:

The PNP upgrade includes everything listed in the Kit package and the Upgrade Options package plus the following: (excluding Under wing Missiles)

  • All servos and linkage installed (6) Digital Metal gear servos)
  • All servo and gear leads installed and routed to front of jet
  • Installed Fuel system with UAT plumbed and vented
  • Installed Pipe and hardware

Just add your RX, Batteries and K-60 to K-85 Turbine!

Please select the PNP Upgrade in the drop down menu.

Most F-16 color schemes available. We will be adding schemes soon!

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Shipping cost is $290.00

Click here for PDF manual

Here is a video of the second flight of my personal T-One F-16.


 John Weaver from Discount Hobby Warehouse and his K70 Powered

T-One F-16 

Wing/Fuse Bag Set

Well padded and fitted for your fuselage, Wings and stabs.