T-3 Sport Jet

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Photos by Ken Simmons, Pilot Jeff Tolomeo

Check out this video and see the sheer performance of the T-3 with a K260!


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The T-3 is large and has all the great flight characteristics as the T-1 but bigger, smoother and more docile due to its size. The T-3 is by far one of the most inexpensive 3 meter jets on the market today. Some of the top world class pilots prefer it over other brands due to its cost and flight characteristics.

T-3 Sport Jet like its little brother is built with the same technology, care and precision that you see in all other T-one model products. The construction is comprised of Airex composite sandwich core, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and aircraft plywood. The exterior colors are painted and polished to a beautiful finish. The landing gear, wheels and brakes are superior over other brands that just leave you bouncing and skidding across the runway. The T-3 struts are a beautiful design and the Oil over air dampening is smooth and precise without binding. (Great for grass fields) The large electric brakes make for smooth braking power as well.

T-3 will include electric retracts with struts, wheels, brakes and T-One gear controller, Pipe, Large Kevlar Split Fuel & Smoke tank and hardware package. (Installed Light Package Optional)

T-3 is available in all of the popular T-1 standard color schemes and our custom color schemes at an extra charge.

PNP Options:

1. PNP Option, HV servo wires, linkage connected, fuel systems installed, gear installed and other, complete lighting package, and other details completed. $1795.00


A video from FL Jets, T-3 and T-1 final and landing...


Basic Specs:

  • 118" Long
  • 103" Wing Span
  • Fuel Tank 7.57L / 256oz
  • Smoke Tank 1.8L / 60oz
  • 180-260N Turbine 

Price: $4,195.00

Please note that the shipping times are estimates and may vary, PRCJ does not have control over factory production or holidays which may cause extended delivery times.  

8-12 weeks for build and delivery times, please add an extra 2-3 weeks for PNP

Ships in 3 separate large boxes

Custom Paint Up-Charge $695.00


New T-3 Monster Color Schemes Available