Spektrum Satellite RX Mounting Accessories

Pacific RC Jets



These are 3D printed Spektrum RX satellite receiver and main RX antenna wire holders.

You will receive (4) DSMX Satellite Receiver Mounts) and (4) RX Antenna Wire Mounts)

No more hassle with sliding air line over your antenna wires to keep them from bending. No more Velcro needed to mount Satellite Receivers to your board or bulkhead's. No more taping or gluing your RX Antenna wires down.

We have custom designed DSMX satellite receiver holders and RX antenna holders that keep antennas strait and safe from damage. They also provide a nice clean way to install and rout your Satellites and RX wires to your equipment trays and or bulkheads. You can also use them to mount on the inside of the fuselage by gluing or using double sided adhesive tape. The satellite receivers simply snap into place and have two screw holes for mounting onto trays and or bulkheads. The RX antenna wire holders glue or double sided adhesive tape onto your equipment tray. A must have for a clean and safe installation.