Professional Series Air Tanks

SkyMaster USA


JMP’s Professional Series Air Tanks come in four sizes:


230 ml-Small  

360 ml-Medium

700 ml-Large  

1000 ml-Extra Large

 All of these Air Tank sizes can be ordered with installed fittings as follows:

 Straight fitting: 1/8” or 4mm air line

90 degree fitting: 1/8” or 4mm air line

T-fitting: 1/8” or 4mm air line

The extra large size has nearly half again more volume than the standard large tanks currently in use.

The Air Tanks assembled with 90 degree fittings are used when installations have no clearance in the front. T-fittings are used when multiple Air Tanks are installed or when using an air gauge.

Our Air Tank fittings are machined to maximize compressed air flow rates, and include a clamping nut to eliminate air line blow off. All assembly which includes lid crimping, permanent sealing of the fittings, and leak checking is performed at JMP.