PCU V-2 Frame for Brake Valve Plus 2 Circuits (Valves and Servos not Included)




The JMP PCU-V2 or Pneumatic Control Unit is designed to control the brakes, retract gear cylinders and landing gear door cylinders of the most complex r/c model aircraft. The goal of the PCU is to eliminate the complexity and disorganized nature of model pneumatic systems. Most installations have many t-fittings which cause unavoidable pressure drops across the entire system. This is eliminated with the PCU. Also included with the PCU are our Machined Servo Connecting Links. These can also be ordered separately for use with our Brake Valve, 2-Circuit Block Valve and 3-Circuit Block Valve. The overall size of the completed PCU-V2 is 7.0” in length and 2.6” in width.  

Either standard 1/8” OD or 4mm fittings with aluminum lock nuts can be ordered. Large models with increasing air cylinder diameters often now use 4mm size air lines. When ordering, let us know the number of retract gear cylinders and gear door cylinders.  The proper fittings will then be installed. Unused ports on the PCU lower side manifold can be plugged, but changed later for some other model with different cylinder counts. Many combinations of fittings and control possibilities can be imagined.