Choose one option for each fuel line, (LIST IN MEMO WHEN ORDERING)

  1. Number of “Fuel In” hose fittings 1_or 2_
  2. Size of “Fuel In” hose fittings 1/8”_or 3/16”_
  3. Size of “Fuel Out to Pump” hose fittings 1/8”_or 3/16”_
  4. Size of “Fuel/De-Fuel” hose fitting and fuel line plug 1/8”_or 3/16”_

JMP is now releasing its newly designed Air Traps. Our earlier Air Traps worked great with its internal filter. In most cases, the filter would last several years without replacement. But, when filled with debris, they had to be returned to us for re-build. In most cases with good fuel filtering they went a long way and continue to function properly in many models. The problem here is that too many modelers used these Traps until they totally clogged and failed. This should never happen on expensive models as an engine out  was usually the result.

Our new design Air Traps have several upgrades. The machined parts inside and out are absolute perfection. The fiberglass body is made of multiple layers of a special fabric and resin. The clear plastic bodies you often see make end seals far less reliable and not always leak proof. Our fiberglass bodies are prepared and permanently epoxied to the Air Trap end caps. We have changed over to an entirely different air bubble diffuser and core. The diffuser breaks up air bubbles completely before they enter the final fuel feed line going to the pump.  The used core and diffuser can be easily unscrewed from the Air Trap body and replaced with the new core and diffuser. It should only take a couple of minutes. In fact, you might be able to do the replacement of the used core and diffuser without removing the Air Trap body from the model.  Just remove the Fuel Out fuel line from the center fitting on the core and unscrew the used core. A 5/8” deep socket is all it takes.

The screw-in removable core is not available in the Small size Air Traps because of the small diameter of the body. The same bubble diffuser used in the Medium size Air Trap is built inside the Small size Air Trap. We will be able to install a new diffuser in the Small size Air Trap, but it will need to be returned to JMP.

It is going to take some time to know when to replace the Air Trap core and diffuser. Obviously, there are many variables on this. As of now I would say once a year or 100 gallons of properly filtered fuel to be safe.

It takes a long time and quite a few people flying new parts in their jets for me to be sure we have a good part. This does not often happen in our hobby. It is more normal for many jet companies to just make some parts, copy some others, and throw the product out on the market. We have been making Air Traps longer than anyone else in this business and for a good reason. Excellent design, proper testing and great product support.  I am very hesitant to show the new Air Trap air diffuser, but here goes.  As we continue to set the standard on Air Traps, I don’t think it will be long until our competition makes similar changes.

           Small Horizontal Mount-1.5”x 3.25”-2.9 ozs................ 127.12   

           Small Vertical Mount-1.5” x 3.25”-2.9 ozs..................... 99.28

           Medium Horizontal Mount-1.75” x 3.75”-4.66 ozs........ 129.04

           Medium Vertical Mount-1.75” x 3.75”-4.66 ozs............ 100.72

           Large Horizontal Mount-2.25”x 4”-8.8 ozs................... 171.71

           Large Vertical Mount-2.25”x 4”-8.8 ozs....................... 133.31

           Extra Large Horizontal Mount-3”x 5”-19.5 ozs............. 183.11

           Extra Large Vertical Mount-3”x 5”-19.5 ozs................. 145.79

           Replacement Filter Core.............................................. 30.00 All Sizes