FrSky Tandem X20 PRO Radio System (IN STOCK)

Pacific RC Jets



(A true simultaneous Dual-Band 2.4/900Mhz system)

Fully compatible with the (AR) Advanced Radio Smooth Flight ARXL 16 and 26 channel systems!

NOTE: The X20Pro Bundle is in stock with limited quantities left.


Amazing radio, some of the new features include:
  • CNC Aluminum shell with Carbon Fiber face
  • Bult-in Flash Storage - 8GB
  • Test to speech (TTS) function
  • 6 trims & 2 self-locking shoulder buttons
  • Digital audio power amplifier

The TANDEM X20 PRO initial release combo includes 1pc of each:
  • TDR18 Dual-Band Receiver
  • NFC Remote Switch
  • Audio Jack + Pin Type Switch
  • VANTAC Tool Set
  • Aluminum Travel Case for Radio and Accessories


Please note, some of the photos are digital rendering photos and do not depict the actual colors 100%