ECU Fuel Pump Switch Optical Isolated 3 stage failsafe master switch

Pacific RC Jets


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The Booma RC Fuel Pump Master switch is the worlds first 3 stage fail-safe fuel pump master switch designed for turbine powered models. It can be mounted internally or externally to suit the scale pilots requirements and gives the pilot the ability kill the fuel delivery in an emergency from the ground or in the air.

ECU Master is a microprocessor controlled Optically isolated switch with 3 stage protection. It features a high intensity blue LED to give exact feedback to the user. Here is how the 3 stage safety system works.

1)  The ECU Master front panel LED will flash when your receiver is powered up to indicate that the receiver power is on.

2)  The ECU Master has a front panel fail-safe switch and pressing the front panel switch will allow the ECU Master to arm. In this state The front panel LED will flash at a faster rate.

3) Turning on the transmitter ECU power switch will power the ECU or fuel pump. In this state the blue front panel LED will glow bright blue.

4) The ECU Master features Booma RC Glitch-Free  technology so your models ECU or fuel pump will stay in a fully operational condition unless a correct signal or user front panel intervention tells it to switch off.

5) Emergency off switching can be accomplishedfrom the transmitter or by pressing and holding the front panel button.