DE-3D Sport Jet

Pacific RC Jets


This is a Space Age design 3D sport jet. All composite and painted aircraft with 3D Nozzle. It has a unique design and look that grabs attention in the air.

Out of the mold fully painted and polished aircraft with carbon fiber and fiberglass structure.

This jet is the best of both worlds, smooth pattern like normal flight and exciting 3D flight capabilities. 

 The DE-3D ARF comes complete with the following:

  • Painted Aircraft
  • Electric gear and brakes
  • T-One Models Gear and Brake controller. 
  • Kevlar fuel and smoke tanks with installed Festo fittings
  • Pipe for up to a K210 
  • Vector Thrust Nozzle with Carbon control rods
  • Hardware Package
  • Complete Wire Harness
  • UAT


  • length: 87"
  • Wingspan 79"
  • Fuel Tank: 158oz
  • Smoke Tank: 63oz
  • 9 Standard Size Servos, 1 Mid Size Servo
  • Engine: 180-210
  • Weight Dry with K180: Approx. 22.5lbs

 Suggested Setup Information:

NOTE: these are suggested settings from prior DE-3D setups, fine tune your model to your flying style.

  • CG: 24mm Forward from center line of main landing gear strut
  • Ailerons: 25mm Up/Down, Expo 50%
  • Elevator: 18mm Up/Down, Expo 40%
  • Rudder: 40mm Side to Side, Expo 40%
  • Take off Flaps: 20mm with 2mm down Elevator
  • landing Flaps: 65mm with 15mm up Crow and 5mm down elevator