Brake Valve




The JMP Brake Valve is produced in two versions. The first is a stand alone design. The second version as part of the JMP Multi Spool Block Valve. The Brake Valve plus 1-Circuit Block Valve would normally be used for models with retract gear and brakes. The Brake Valve plus 2- Circuit Block Valve is for models that have brakes, retract gear and gear doors. Any of these valves can be mounted directly to the control board or used with our PCU-V2 frames which also include a manifold for the gear and door air lines.

The size of the JMP Brake Valve is 2”x 7/8” x ½”. The height is designed to line up with a JR 8711HV servo. Just use our Zero-Flex grommets and the standard JR two side control arm.  Also available is a machined attach link to keep the install as compact as possible.

Connect the brake air supply line to the “Air In” side elbow fitting and the “Air Out” fitting on the lower side of the valve to the wheel brakes. When the push rod is fully depressed, full system pressure will be delivered to the brakes. When the push rod is fully extended, the pressure to the wheel brakes is zero.