Eurofighter Typhoon

Pacific RC Jets


Check out Barry Hou ringing out the T-One Eurofighter! 2X Kintech K-70's



T-One Models Eurofighter Typhoon

Standard kit comes with:

  • 2.0L/68oz Kevlar tank
  • single pipe version only
  • Scale landing gear set/doors
  • Air Cylinders for doors, canopy operation and speed brake
  • Hardware
  • Gear, doors, operational canopy and speed brake installed


Please note that the shipping times are estimates and may vary, PRCJ does not have control over factory production or holidays which may cause extended delivery times.  

8-20 weeks for build and delivery times. please add 2-3 extra weeks for PNP


Upgrade options:

  • Hiep Y-Pipe 140-160
  • Cockpit
  • Missile set
  • Wing tanks 
  • Installed Lighting kit 
  • Secondary Kevlar Fuel Tank 2.0/68oz
  • Smoke Tank


length 2.2 meters (86.61")

Wing Span 1.52 meters (59.84")

Dry Weight 11~12kg  (24.25~26.46Lbs)

Single strait pipe, 12kg (K120) Y pipe 16kg (K160)

Click here for PDF manual