Eurofighter Typhoon

Pacific RC Jets


Check out Barry Hou ringing out the T-One Eurofighter! 2X Kintech K-70's



T-One Models Eurofighter Typhoon

Standard kit comes with:

  • 2.0L/68oz Kevlar tank
  • single pipe version only
  • Scale landing gear set/doors
  • Air Cylinders for doors, canopy operation and speed brake
  • Hardware
  • Gear, doors, operational canopy and speed brake installed


Shipping $595.00

Please note that the shipping times are estimates and may vary, PRCJ does not have control over factory production or holidays which may cause extended delivery times.  

8-20 weeks for build and delivery times. please add 2-3 extra weeks for PNP


Upgrade options:

  • Hiep Y-Pipe 140-160
  • Cockpit
  • Missile set
  • Wing tanks 
  • Installed Lighting kit 
  • Secondary Kevlar Fuel Tank 2.0/68oz
  • Smoke Tank


length 2.2 meters (86.61")

Wing Span 1.52 meters (59.84")

Dry Weight 11~12kg  (24.25~26.46Lbs)

Single strait pipe, 12kg (K120) Y pipe 16kg (K160)

Click here for PDF manual