T-1, (MINI) 1.7m Sport Jet

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The T-One Models 1.7m Mini T-1 jet is a small light weight version of the great T-1 and T-3 Sport Jets. Its designed to fly on K45 to K85 size engines. The 1.7m makes for a great inexpensive (ALL COMPOSITE PAINTED) first time and everyday jet due to its size, stability and cost.

Like its big brothers the 1.7 Mini T-1's are built using Airex composite sandwich core, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and aircraft plywood. The exterior colors are painted and polished to a beautiful finish. The kit is complete with Electric Trailing link gear and electric brakes. 

Due to Covid, Shipping fees are estimated for Sea & Air and are subject to change either way. Final shipping will be adjusted when the kit is ready to ship.

T-1 Mini Instruction Manual 


We are now offering Plug and Play options! 

PNP with HV Servos $1370.00 upgrade in drop down menu.

PNP Version:

The PNP upgrade includes everything listed in the standard Kit package plus the following:

  • All servos, wires and linkage installed 
  • Fuel tanks and system with UAT installed, plumbed and vented
  • Installed Pipe and hardware
  • installed lighting kit with controller

 Add installed smoke system with KT pump in the drop down menu for $225.00

Factory installed nose door with Titanium gear digital HV door Servo


 Servo package available for non PNP as well. (Click Here)

 Video Link Below. Prototype being tested by T.C. Lin for the T-One Factory with K70G2.



Length: 1.7m (67")

Wing Span: 1.5m (59")

6.8KG (15lbs) Dry weight with turbine, servos, retracts, pipe, tank and full UAT.

Power: K45 - K85 

 Jet Includes:   

  • 1.7m T-One Sport Jet externally painted
  • Factory installed nose door with Titanium gear digital HV door Servo
  • Electric Gear and brake set with T-One Controller/Sequencer with Steering Gyro
  • Fiberglass Fuel Tank 60Oz
  • Fiberglass Smoke Tank 27oz
  • Hardware package
  • Tail pipe

Standard Color, Complete kit $2125.00

Custom Paint, Complete Kit  $2295.00

Shipping Sea Freight, Approx. 8 Weeks +/-  or  Air Freight Approx. 10 Days +/-


Please note that the shipping times are estimates and may vary, PRCJ does not have control over factory production or holidays which may cause extended delivery times.  

8-12 weeks for build and delivery times, please add 2-3 weeks extra for PNP

 DHL Shipping $xxx (5-7 Days) after assembly of kit. Please call for DHL shipping arraignments 

Email dirk@skymasterusa.com to get on the order list.




Prototype Airframe Photos