T-1, (MINI) 1.7m Sport Jet

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The T-One Models 1.7m Mini T-1 jet is a small light weight version of the great T-1 and T-3 Sport Jets. Its designed to fly on K45 to K85 size engines. The 1.7m makes for a great inexpensive (ALL COMPOSITE PAINTED) first time and everyday jet due to its size, stability and cost.

Like its big brothers the 1.7 Mini T-1's are built using Airex composite sandwich core, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and aircraft plywood. The exterior colors are painted and polished to a beautiful finish. The kit is complete with Electric Trailing link gear and electric brakes. 

T-1 Mini Instruction Manual 


We are now offering Plug and Play options! 

PNP with Savox servos $975.00 upgrade in drop down menu.

PNP Version:

The PNP upgrade includes everything listed in the standard Kit package plus the following:

  • All servos, wires and linkage installed 
  • Fuel tanks and system with UAT installed, plumbed and vented
  • Installed Pipe and hardware

 Add installed smoke system with KT pump in the drop down menu for $225.00

Factory installed nose door with Titanium gear digital HV door Servo


 Video Link Below. Prototype being tested by T.C. Lin for the T-One Factory with K70G2.




Length: 1.7m (67")

Wing Span: 1.5m (59")

6.8KG (15lbs) Dry weight with turbine, servos, retracts, pipe, tank and full UAT.

Power: K45 - K85 

 Jet Includes:   

  • 1.7m T-One Sport Jet externally painted
  • Factory installed nose door with Titanium gear digital HV door Servo
  • Electric Gear and brake set with Xicoy LG-15 E-Gear Controller/Sequencer with Steering Gyro
  • Fiberglass Fuel Tank 60Oz
  • Fiberglass Smoke Tank 27oz
  • Hardware package
  • Tail pipe

Standard Color, Complete kit $2125.00

Custom Paint, Complete Kit  $2295.00

EMS Shipping $230.00


Please note that the shipping times are estimates and may vary, PRCJ does not have control over factory production or holidays which may cause extended delivery times.  

 DHL Shipping $485.00 (5-7 Days) after assembly of kit. Please call for DHL shipping arraignments 

Email dirk@skymasterusa.com to get on the order list.




Prototype Airframe Photos