Kingtech Turbine Telemetry Adapter RDT (FrSky Only)

Pacific RC Jets


The Zavionix RDT Kingtech is a telemetry adapter / bridge that connects between your Kingtech ECU/DRM (G2-G5) to any FrSky Smart Port (S.port) telemetry capable receiver.
please note some FrSky receivers have configurable slots, so the slot to connect to the RDT has to be configured as S.port / smart port.

With this telemetry adapter, the data from the ECU is converted into telemetry data which is then sent to the transmitter.

PRCJ Kingtech Telemetry Widget for FrSky Ethos

Video Link for setting up the RDT and Widget.

The data displayed on the radio will be:



Pump power

Battery voltage

Fuel remaining

Throttle percentage 

The widget includes a settable "Low fuel" audible and haptic alert.