Pacific RC Jets

Advanced Radio Servo Extensions & One Click Connections

The new Advanced Radio Pro Line of servo cables have been designed to our exacting specification to provide maximum power to servos, sure lock servo connectors and the ultimate in mechanical protection for vibration environments. And The AR Pro Line servo cables are available in many small graduation lengths so...  

No need to crimp cables ever again!

The Pro Line servo cables are available in lengths from 200mm (8 inches) to 2100mm (7 feet) in graduations of 100mm (4 inches). Small graduations make it easy to do a pro job when wiring your new flagship model without the need to crimp cables. All you do is measure the cable lengths required with a piece of string or wire, note the length and place your order for AR Pro Line cables to suit. 

And all the Proline cables feature outer mechanical protection for easy looming and a total pro look.

The AR Pro Line cables feature the following pro specification:

  • Sure-Lock servo connectors for secure connections.
  • Gold plated male and female pins for maximum power transfer
  • 20 AWG high strand low impedance wire to deliver all the power to the servo.
  • Vibration resistant outer braided casing for the best in mechanical protection.

The AR One Click Connections

The AR one click makes putting your model together a breeze, with a simple and easy to use plug that connects inline with your existing servo leads, the One Click is a must for any giant scale models.

The AR one click connections come in 2 servo and 6 servo Sets of independent 20AWG silicone wire and gold plated servo pins so you can connect completely different power systems together with one simple One Click + connector providing you with the best connection for your high powered models. And 20AWG silicon wire allowing for maximum current flow for high powered applications. 

With our unique design and keyed locking plug, the AR one clicks are designed for over 10000 connects and disconnects. The added locking push clip give total peace of mind.

NO SOLDERING REQUIRED - Each One Click set comes ready-to-use out of the packet with 100mm of silicone cable pre-crimped for you allowing for easy installation in both the flying models or during the build phase.