Magnetic Switch for Smart Bus RRS, Smooth Flite and X-Pander

Enjoy turning you model ON and OFF via the magnetic switch. Designed to be mounted inside your model. Its low profile design and light weight allows it to be mounted anywhere on inside the model with minimal impact on weight.

The Mag switch uses hall sensor effect to switch on and off. With the magnet suppled, the mag switch will work through all matter of materials including thick fibreglass and timber frames. No need to cut holes in your fuse, simply stick the mag switch on the inside of your fuselarge, mount the location sticker on the outside and away you go.

Designed with safety in mind, the magnet has to be held over the switch for atleast 1 second before it will switch, it is also a failsafe design, this means if it is disconnected from either the battery or the powersafe receiver the model will remain On. giving you peace of mind for your model.