the AR Smart-Switch. We have taken the power switching system from our pinnacle product the AR Smooth Flite and ARXL systems combined it with our auto protocol sense technology and encased it in a small stylish light-weight aluminum case. A completely modular design featuring multiple switching and input/output options. The new Smart Switch comes standard with dual 30amp rated original AMASS miniature XT30 connectors and can be optioned to any input and output combination without the need to solder. 

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch sports our latest plug and play feature, our Auto sense technology. No bind plugs, no programming. Simple power the unit, plug your receiver into the Telemetry port and the Switch will auto sense the correct protocol giving you seamless battery down link telemetry to your radio. Battery telemetry includes Voltage, Current and Capacity used. Replace the clunky Telemetry devices and replace them with a T switch.

Simple Install and Setup

Simulated Instrumentation

Need that extra scale look for your model. The Smart Switch comes with preinstalled splash screens including instrumentation panels, an artificial horizon and even a copy of the IMAC patter for scale aerobatic aircraft. Give your model that extra flair. The Smart Switch has you covered.

Simulated Cockpit Instrumentation

Smart Switch works with any single or dual battery system. Works with battery chemistry and voltage range from 2.5v to 8.4v.



Built with our proven dual battery redundancy technology the AR T-Switch can be used with either a single or dual battery setup and is designed to power any receiver or power distribution system on the market.

 With its built in failsafe technology you can have peace of mind knowing that the AR T-Switch has you covered.

 Its slim and lightweight case the AR T-Switch can be mounted inside your model, creating a sleek looking finish for all models.

Each T switch can be upgraded to a Smart Switch with the addition of a Smart Screen display.

*Works with all major Radio brands including Futaba, JR, Jeti, Graupner Fr-Sky and Spektrum

* Works with all battery chemistries, NiCD, Nimh, Lion, LiFe, LiPo or PB.
* 2S, 3S and even 4S capable.
* Dual Battery Backer.
* Fail safe switching.
* Supplied with our universal Switch connector for multiple Switching Options.
* Multiple Switching Options; PinFlag, Magnetic or Remote switching.
* Single or Dual Battery input Ready.
* XT30 connectors for multiple easy-to-change Input options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Single or Dual Battery input Ready.
* Multiple easy-to-change output options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Supplied with a bright blue remote LED for mounting anywhere in the model.
* 4 volt to 12 volt capable for those new 12 volt servos.
* 30A (30 Seconds) inputs and outputs.