Advanced Radio 200psi Air Safe - Fail safe Gear Sequencer

Six channel gear sequencer with Fail safe function and air pressure sensing up to 200psi

Advance Radio is proud to bring another innovative product to the RC scene.Air Safe is a six channel gear sequencer, pressure monitor and failsafe device that is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. With the size and scale detail of  todays models, it make sense to upgrade them with a system that will ensure a gear down and locked landing every flight.

The six channel sequencer has been specially designed with all the features to setup both large and small models alike. Giving the user a huge amounts of programmability for any model from scale F-16s, to sports plane and WW2 warbirds. Everything is quick and easy to setup via the built in joystick and easy ready screen.

It is always frustrating when you take off a model and you have a small air leak, by the end of the flight your air system is completely empty, meaning you gear wont move and you are forced to belly land, damaging models, props or paint on your model. Air Safe fixes this problem by motioning the air pressure in the system and automatically activating the gear down function when the pressure drops too low, guaranteeing a safe landing on all 3 wheels.

The Air Safe has been designed for air systems up to 200PSI and allows for easy monitoring of the air pressure inside your system at any time. Using the easy to ready on board screen, you can check your air system at a simple glance. Giving you peace of mind before every flight.

 Designed for all 2S systems the Air Safe is compatible with all battery chemistries and can be powered by the receiver or a power Expander. Air safe includes an additional battery input for use of high powered servos or valves on larger systems. It is compatible with all servos and air valves currently available on the market.


Size 57*38*20mm (2.2*1.5*0.8 inch)
Weight 45g (1.6oz)
Max PSI 200psi (13.8 bar)
Thread size m3
Barb size 3.5mm
Max voltage 8.4v
Channels 6
Gear steps 5