KingTech Models 1/7.5 A7E Corsair II PNP

Pacific RC Jets


KingTech Models 1/7.5 A7E Corsair II PNP is designed and built around the 1960 era carrier based fighter. 

The airframe is all composite with scale features, panel lines/rivets, cockpit and lights. The A7E Corsair II is produced for KingTech by T-One Models

Length: 73.62", Wingspan: 61.81

Engine: K85 - K102 

The A7E PNP includes the following:

  • A7 Corsair includes cockpit
  • Installed lights with T-One light controller
  • Installed HV Servos and linkage
  • Servo wires to the front of the model
  • Electric gear and brakes with the T-One gear controller 
  • Fuel system plumbed with T-One UAT 
  • Hardware package 

PNP Introductory Price $3995.00 Plus Shipping


  • FullWeathering details 495.00
  • Painted Ordinance Package 595.00

Basic setup:

  • CG-280mm-285mm from L/E of wing
  • Rudder-25-30mm
  • Aileron-20-25mm
  • Elevator-Max travel
  • Flaps-45 Degrees Max 

 There are many scale paint schemes for the A7 Corsair, If you have a specific scheme your interested in please contact us with images and will se if it can be done.