Aviation Jets SU-35 2.7m (Coming Soon) In Flight Test!

Pacific RC Jets



This is the one you have been waiting for!

Aviation Jets SU-35

Length 2750mm / 108.27"

Wingspan 1850mm / 72.83"

Turbines 8-12KG


The SU-35 will be constructed using the composite fabrication methods from Aviation Jets practices, composite sandwich core technology and live hinging. The scale details on this SU-35 will be some of the best you have ever seen. This will surely be a winner at the events!  


Standard package will include:

Electric gear set, pipes with vector thrust, 2X 2.8 liter Kevlar tanks with metal tank fitting and heavy clunks, Hardware set and cockpit.

Options will be:

  • Scale Accessories Package
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Lighting System
  • Smoke System
  • Missile set
Stay Tuned, In flight test now!