Aviation Jet SU-35 2.75m

Pacific RC Jets



Aviation Jet SU-35

Length 2750mm / 108.26"

Wingspan 1850mm / 72.83"


The SU-35 is constructed using the composite fabrication methods from Aviation Jets practices, composite sandwich core technology and live hinging. The scale details on this SU-35 will be some of the best you have ever seen. 

NOTE: Turbine rail fit max diameter 105mm  Thrust Vector only. All testing and number calculations where done with Kingtech Turbines.
Vector thrust  version K120-K140
Non vector thrust  K85  
2 K85 is plenty of power per factory, 7-8min fight time
Dry Kit weight Vector version 13.5kg 29.7lbs
Dry Kit weight non vector       13kg 28.6lbs
Fuel tanks 87oz X 2
Vector version with 2x k120 RTF flying weight is 25kg, 55lbs fueled.
no vector, 2x K85 RTF flying weight 22kg, 48lbs fueled
Pricing will be:
Version #1 No Thrust vector or L.E. slats   $5,195.00
Version #2 Thrust Vector & Slats              $5,950.00
Both versions include scale detailed Cockpit, Electric Gear and brakes, 2x 87oz Kevlar tanks and hardware
Lights installed                                        $495.00
Antenna details                                       $125.00
Full Painted Ordinance package            $695.00
Full weathering                                       $200.00
Shipping EMS                                          $695.00
No Custom paint fee's, send your choice. ( Must have all sides, top & bottom, up close on nomenclature details for accuracy or scheme will be rejected

Click here for video of maiden by Pacific RC Jets, very windy day and little to no gyro setting