Aviation Jets Sport Scale Rafale

Pacific RC Jets



The large Aviation Jets Sport Scale Rafale is available in a single or twin engine version with thrust vectoring pipe(s). The Rafale also includes factory installed landing gear/doors, large Kevlar fuel/smoke tank with fittings, Air components and hardware. Also available is a factory installed lighting kit option with afterburner light ring and drop tank and electric retracts and brakes option. The factory is capable of painting just about any color scheme including customs, Please send you custom paint scheme when ordering. 


length 2.9 meters (114.17"), wingspan 2.1 meters (82.68")

K180-260 Turbine

Min 6 Standard size servos, 3 Mini Servos (Doors)


Shipping Cost: $485.00


Video Link, Flown by Franco DiMauro. Twin Kingtech K160's