FAC-1709U Muli Funtion Air/Lighting System

Pacific RC Jets


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Features Of The FAC-1709U

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0.96 Inch OLED Display Screen.
Dual Digital Air Pressure Value Display.
Build inside Gear System Fail Safe. Build inside Navigation Light, 5 Mode Programming.
Build inside Afterburner Light, Follow Throttle Change Luminescence.
Smoke System Programmer Control.

Unique Air Pump System Programmer Control, The Low Value Air Pump Automatic Start.

Three Air Pressure Unit Selection - PSI / BAR / Kg-cm2.
The Intuition and Simple Programming Operation.
17 Air Valve is Controlled, 3 Mode Programming.
Compatible FUTABA S-BUS System.
Operating Voltage : 6.0 to 7.4 Volts for DC.
Consume Current : 2 A Max.
Operating Air Pressure Range : 0 to 150 psi Max.
Air Pressure Accuracy : ±2% for 150 psi.
Temperature Range : -10 to +75 °C.
Dimensions : L 102.20 X W 62 X H 16 mm.
Weight : 93 g.